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Carburetor Rebuilding and Repair

Carburetor Rebuilding and Repair

If you have a classic vehicle, lawn mower, chainsaw or small engine that needs a carburetor repair, call the experts!

Harris Auto Electric Ltd in Barrie, Ontario specializes in carburetor rebuilding and repair services

Classic cars, classic motors, classic appliances. Some people think these things belong in museums and junkyards. Others, like you, know they have years of life left in them and that they look cool! You want to take advantage of the years of life still in them and you intend to do this as soon as possible... if only the carburetor were functioning properly! The rest of the machine is fine, just this one part that is causing you problems. Maybe you've looked far and wide across the internet and across your neighborhood scrap yards for a replacement or perhaps you've decided right from the beginning to have your current one repaired- regardless, repairing your carburetor is the best option and we can do so right here at Harris Auto Electric LTD in Barrie, Ontario!

Having your carburetor fixed saves you money! Parts for old machinery are hard to come by and can often burn a hole in your wallet! It also allows you to remain comfortable with the machine you know and love. It also reduces landfill waste and allows alternate parts to be readily available for other people. You're helping the environment and helping other people while increasing your own productivity and benefiting yourself!

Whether your carburetor is big or small, powering consistently used appliances or rarely used, it needs to be in top condition and you need to have confidence in its function. We will be more than happy to take apart your domestic or foreign carburetor, clean it, and repair it for a great price!

For more information about carburetor repair and rebuilding please call or visit Harris Auto Electric LTD in Barrie, Ontario.

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