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Auto Electric

Complete automotive electrical service

Keeping up with your vehicle's electrical maintenance is just as important as changing the oil. That time where your car wouldn't start right away could leave you being stuck on the side of the road. Come to us at Harris Auto Electric Ltd in Barrie, Ontario and have your vehicle inspected by our technicians today to avoid being stuck on the side of the road tomorrow.


Starter repair, rebuilding

Your vehicle's starter is the key to getting you moving. It is a small motor; operating by rotating the internal combustion engine which starts your car. Car not starting in the morning? Chances are the starter is malfunctioning and requires inspection by one of our technicians at Harris Auto Electric Ltd in Barrie, Ontario to repair or rebuild it.


Alternator testing, repair or rebuild

The alternator is small generator attached to your vehicle's engine that charges its battery, and powers your vehicle while you drive. The alternator achieves this by a belt attached to the engine, generating power as the engine is running. When your car needs a boost all the time, it's a good time to have your car inspected out at at Harris Auto Electric Ltd in Barrie, Ontario to determine the health of your Alternator where we will test, and repair the problems.


Headlight repalr

Headlights are essential to any driver's safety. Many drivers forget to have their headlights checked to ensure they're working to their full potential until it's too late. These small bulbs are powered by the electricity flowing through the vehicle, generating light large enough to guide the driver at night. Have your headlights inspected at Harris Auto Electric Ltd in Barrie, Ontario to make sure you're not left in the dark!

Power Window

In today's world, power windows are in every modern vehicle. Power windows operate from a motor that operates off of an electrical current, that rotates the gears to move the window up or down. These windows' parts can potentially wear down and become inoperable. If you can't get your window down, come to Harris Auto Electric Ltd in Barrie, Ontario

Fuel Injectors

Fuel Injector Repair

The Fuel injector is a special pump that "injects" pressurized fuel from your vehicle's gas tank to the engine, where it gets sprayed into the engine's cylinders, like a water hose nozzle set to mist. Injectors come in all forms and operate all under the same principle. Electricity powers the functionality an electronic system that regulates how long the injector remains open. If you hear or feel your car running roughly, come to us to have your fuel injection system inspected for potential clogs at Harris Auto Electric Ltd in Barrie, Ontario

How do car electrical systems work?

Harris Auto Electric in Barrie explains car electrical systems.

Your car's electrical system is run with a closed circuit with an independent power source, the battery. Other important components of your car's electrical system include the starter and alternator. The battery provides juice to the starter cranks the engine when the ignition switch is turned on. Then, the alternator gives that battery the energy it needs to power your lights, defroster, wipers and other accessories. For more information on your vehicle's electrical system contact the experts at Harris Auto Electric Ltd in Barrie, Ontario



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